Karin : Seasonal Soul

I'm reading your book, The Seasonal Soul, right now and loving it! Such a gorgeous book! - Karin

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Rosina : Lumina Tarot

I received my Lumina deck and I am in love with them! I have wanted this deck for so long, so when the second print came around I jumped on it immediately. The images are just stunning and very powerful. I have been reading cards professionally for over twenty years and this is definitely my favourite deck! - Rosina

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Tamara : Intuitive Reading

Our time together today was very validating, clarity gifting and really helped me to trust what i have been receiving for myself and the changes/insights/realisations i have been living into in the past 12 months and more recently the last few months.  The level of futility i was feeling at a under ground level has lifted and I can feel my self commitment, self responsibility and love firing up again. - Tamara

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