Soul School Monthly | Jan - Mar

Soul School Monthly | Jan - Mar

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Soul School Monthly is a beautifully illustrated Intuitive Handbook. Take the soulful journey to help you develop your intuition and expand your life. Part juicy inner exploration and part practical guided discovery, this is the manual that makes intuitive development playful and fun! Originally released at each new moon, Soul School Monthly is now 17 editions of goodness that will guide you to uncover rich insight and answers about who you are, what makes you tick, your WHYs, your triggers and how you contribute to the world. With a range of topics including intuition, chakras, crystals, intuition for children and connecting your energy to the world around you, plus inspiring interviews with beautiful creative souls and Lauren's own journey developing her intuitive abilities, Soul School Monthly will help you to understand that the way you use and play with energy will make you and your life become a giant and intriguing playground. And the best part? It's packed with thought-provoking questions and practical activities to guide you as you manifest the amazing life you desire. ** Please note this a Digital Download only.


This product Includes 3 editions - January, February & March.